Nuclear I&C Engineering

“We’re capable of conducting the comprehensive Instrumentation and Control (I&C)
works throughout the engineering life cycle. The followings are some of them.”
  • The preparation of Purchase Specification (Technical Specification)
  • System design including system design, design specification, interface requirement and system description, and diagram for Functional Block Diagram (FBD), connection diagram and wiring diagram.
  • Component design including the development of software and firmware in accordance with IEEE guide for Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Verification and validation of application software with requirement management and LDRA tools (See verification and validation section), and safety analysis with FTA and FMEA.
  • Architectural engineering including the services for the preparation of LWD(Loop Wiring Diagram), SLD(Single Line Diagram), CBD(Cable Block Diagram), CLD(Control Logic Diagram), CP (Conduit Plan), CD(Connection Diagram), W&ID (Wiring and Interconnection Diagram), Ergonomics, BTU calculation, Cable input DB, patch list design, opening and seal schedule, electric and civil Construction Plan (CP).
  • Equipment qualification in accordance with IEEE 323, 344, IEC 61508, IEC 61000 series and other specific standards
  • CGID for hardware and software for digitalized system.
  • CDR (Critical igital Review)
    capable of conducting CDR based on the EPRI TR-106439, and other similar assessment work.
  • Cyber Security analysis for nuclear I&C facilities based on the Technical Report and regulatory guidelines
  • PSR (Periodic Safety Review)
    capable of conducting the periodic safety review for nuclear facilities based on SSG-025 and relevant reports