The verification and validation is a sort of best efforts to ensure the software system is constructed without malfunction, but limited to software area, meaning there could be extension to system, hardware and interfaces. IEEE 1012, IEEE 7-4.3-2, NUREG/CR-6430 and NUREG/CR-6463 for coding guidance are major codes and standards. This is a source for standardization efforts for other domains such as aviation, railway, military and automobile which has their own codes respectively.

  • Automatic Seismic Trip System for Shin Wolsong unit 1 & 2, Shin Kori 3 &4 : Doosan
  • Feedwarter Pump Turbine controller modernization for Hanul unit 5 & 6 : Invensys
  • Class 1E Inverter system for BNPP unit 1, 2, 3 & 4 : Ewha
  • Safety Related Essential Chiller for Shin Hanul unit 1 & 2 : Century
  • DRCS(Digital Rod Control System) and DRPI(Digital Rod Position Indication) System for Hanul Unit1&2 : DooSan
  • CEDMCS(Control Element Drive Mechanism Control System) for Yonggwang Unit 3&4 : DooSan