Welcome home of MIRAE (MIRAE-EN Co. Ltd), meaning a engineering for future.

We're ready to be sincere for conducting engineering for safe, complete and robust system including software and firmware.

Since 2003, engineer in compony has been involved in IEEE, IEC, ISO standardization activity, which achives of IEC 61500 as technical assistant, IEC 60744 as project leader, and NWIP for preliminary report on CGID which could be evolved into IEC standard.

Company is currently conducting the 3rd party verification for all the domestic report of equipment qualification organized by KHNP and MOTIE, contributing to enhance the integrity of technology for nuclear power plants.

Most of staffs are from research institue and engineering companies, which has been performing the nuclear engineering in system and component design, development, verification and validation, equipment quilification, and other assessment for whole design activities.

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